Helping to protect the Ozone Layer and reduce Global Warming


Refrigerant Recovery Recycle Association as part of our support for "The Montreal Protocol" and the  Kigali Amendment 2016 , our Refrigerant Management Program(RMP) included a Safe For Disposal Program (SFDP)
Background on Refrigerated Appliances
Older refrigerators/freezers,chillers,air condition contain ozone-depleting refrigerants and global warming  or greenhouse gases(GHGs), depending on the year they were manufactured. In addition to depleting the ozone layer, these substances are also potent greenhouse gases (GHGs) that contribute to climate change or global warming when emitted to the atmosphere. While the refrigerants used in newly manufactured units are still potent greenhouse gases GHGs, these appliances refrigerants must be recovered and safely desposed or recycle to reuse.
Venting the refrigerant  from old or new refrigeration appliances may not contribute to deplete ozone but will contribute to global warming, so safe disposal by persons,organization or companies who are trained and certify to deal with these refrigerated appliances and equipments.

What is safe for disposal?
All refrigeration equipment such as fridge,freezers,chillers,Air Condition small and large....etc has refrigerant and as such these refrigerant must be recovered as to avoid venting of these refrigerants  which causes Ozone Depletion(OD) and Gobal Warming (GW).
Recovering of these refrigerant can be done by trained certified persons that use AHRI certified recovery equipment and recovery tanks, 
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Roughly thousands of refrigerators/freezers and air conditioning units, are disposed of each year. The proper removal and disposal of these appliances would:
Prevent emissions of ODS and GHGs by not allowing their release from refrigerants and insulating foams

Given the large number of refrigerated appliances that are taken out of service each year, the environmental impacts of removing and properly disposing of old appliances can be significant. The figure below illustrates the climate benefits of removing old units from the power grid and disposing of them properly.

This is equivalent to: 1,500 passenger cars NOT driven for one year or 57 acres of forest presrved from deforestation.For every 1,000 refrigerators that are retired and disposed of under the RMP and SFDP Program, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by thousands of metric tons of CO2 equivalent..


Each of us have a responsibility to the environment for  future generation, your support is important to ensuring that Ozone Depletion and Gobal Warming is stopped.

all it requires is for us to "DO THE RIGHT THING" 

Are you?